Why Football Fans Shouldn’t Buy NFL Stadium Football Fouls

NFL stadiums are expensive.But not for the fans, according to a new study from researchers at Cornell University and Northwestern University.The findings show that if fans are willing to pay a premium for stadiums, they’re less likely to spend money to protect them from the risk of a fumble.The research suggests that fans will be […] →Read more

When a football player wears her own helmet

BABY FOOTBALL EQUIPMENT: Girls football equipment is so popular it’s a new trend.And with so many kids going to the same high school, there’s an endless supply.A girl who’s into sports, like the mom of a 13-year-old girl, told us she and her daughter go to a lot of sporting events.“When we go to football […] →Read more

Which NFL football gear should I buy?

NFL football equipment is expensive, but the prices have fallen dramatically over the last few years.Here are the top picks for your football needs.1.NFL Football Gear Dummies NFL Football Dummies are one of the best-selling NFL football dummies in the world.They come with a football player’s helmet, a football arm, and a football shoulder pad.If […] →Read more

What are the top sports equipment prices in the world?

Sport Equipment costs in the UK are generally pretty low.As a result, the prices of sport equipment vary widely.The average price for a new helmet can be as low as £600 (€600) in the US and the UK, depending on the brand.But in the Netherlands, for example, a new football helmet can cost as much […] →Read more

How to buy a football helmet

How to Buy a Football Helmet.It is one of the most requested questions in our Forums and we hope you will answer it!What is the difference between an Antique Football Helmet and a Modern Football Helmet?Antique Football Helmets are the most common types of modern football helmets, and the oldest football helmets in the world.Modern […] →Read more

Why Auburn Football equipment is so expensive

The American football equipment industry is making a lot of money.But that money is going to the top executives and to those at the top of the pyramid.So far, Auburn has signed some of the biggest names in the industry to top-level contracts.But they’re not just signing top talent.They’re also signing people who have built […] →Read more

Why can’t the boys be more like their dads?

In March 2017, the parents of a five-year-old boy in Dublin decided to buy him a football kit. The kit included a large white football, a yellow, white and black helmet, a black and red jersey and white socks.The boy, named Michael, was so impressed with the kit that he asked his mother, Marcella, if he […] →Read more

How to properly install your new football field and football equipment

A football field should be able to support up to 60 players.But many players do not have enough strength and size to comfortably wear it.They may not be able or willing to lift it, so the equipment can break.But the best way to protect yourself is to get the best equipment for your home.Here are […] →Read more

‘I want my family back’: Former AFL star on his family’s pain after leaving AFL

AFL star and former Melbourne footballer Mark LeCras is being forced to live in a hotel and face the prospect of losing his entire family in the wake of the AFL’s controversial decision to reclassify players as female.LeCras, a former All Australian and premiership player, is the subject of a court order to stay away […] →Read more

Why NFL players should wear helmet cameras as helmets go on sale

NFL players have long been used as guinea pigs in research into the impact of helmet wearing on concussions, but now that research is officially in motion, NFL owners are making helmets available to all of their players.NFL players have been wearing helmets for years, but they have traditionally been worn with a head covering, […] →Read more