What’s next for NFL equipment, including jerseys and jerseys accessories?

The NFL announced Tuesday that it has purchased a number of products, including shirts and jackets.The items are intended for use on the field, the league said in a release.The jerseys are made in Japan, the helmets are made by Adidas and the gloves are made out of a synthetic material.The NFL will also offer […] →Read more

How to buy football gear from Umbro

It was a good week for football equipment sales.On Friday, the NFL’s top five NFL teams were all selling merchandise from Umbros.Umbro Football Equipment Company, which owns Umbro, was selling a total of 3,093 Umbro products.This is a huge number, considering Umbros is one of the largest brands in the world and is one the […] →Read more

Fusion Football Equipment Company, Inc. opens up shop in Louisville, Kentucky

Fusion Football equipment company, Inc., has been established in Louisville as of August 31, 2017.The new business has been formed by three founders, including former NFL running back, Jason Faulders, former NFL tight end, Chris Baker and former NFL wide receiver, Adam Dukes.Fusion Football is a new business that will serve as a platform for […] →Read more

How to get a football-playing leg on: football conditioning equipment reconds

If you’re looking to get your feet on the football field, reconditions can help.They’re basically a simple but essential step you can take to get better at playing the sport of football.The most common recondtion is the ankle, or the ankle support.The ankle support is a simple piece of equipment that helps stabilize your ankle […] →Read more

What is the ‘cheap football equipment’ section?

Cheap football equipment can be used to improve your football game.Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find on eBay.What is Cheap Football Equipment?The term cheap football is often used to describe football equipment which is used for cheap.However, there are many different types of cheap football gear.Cheap football gear is generally used for a […] →Read more

How to find the perfect football workout gear

When it comes to the best football workout equipment, the best of the best can’t be found in one place.The competition is fierce and you’re left wondering how many other companies offer the best.And you’re not alone.A search of the Australian Sports Technology Association’s website found that there were many brands out there with the […] →Read more

When Denver Broncos players arrive at training camp, are they better than last year?

Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Paxton Lynch and running back Latavius Murray both started camp on injured reserve, but neither is expected to play in the opener against the Buffalo Bills.The team is expected on Sunday to release veteran guard Dan Williams and safety Jeron Johnson, who missed training camp after suffering a season-ending knee injury […] →Read more

Why does Gilman Football equipment keep being sold to the highest bidder?

In 2017, a New Jersey man paid $20,000 for a Gilman football jersey and another $15,000 to have the New York Jets re-brand the team.A New Jersey judge ordered the Jets to pay $3.5 million in compensatory damages to the man, who sued after he said he was defrauded by the team for years.On Friday, […] →Read more

Puma suspends operations after a safety issue

Suspension is being considered by Puma Football’s parent company after a number of safety issues with its protective gear were revealed.In a statement released by the company, Puma said that it was suspending operations for one month due to “serious safety issues” with its equipment.“We have already taken the necessary measures to prevent any further […] →Read more

When The Oregon Football Equipment Is All You Need To Get Ready For The Oregon Basketball Season

This is the official season opener for the Oregon football team, and this is the one I’m most looking forward to.That’s right: the Oregon Basketball season is just getting started!This isn’t a new era for Oregon basketball.Last season, the Ducks were the first team to win their first Big 12 Conference tournament since 2006.It was […] →Read more