How Galactik Football Equipment Weighted for Athletes

Galactiks football equipment weighting is based on the number of kilos of weight a player has.

Players are assigned a weight based on their body mass index, or BMI, and an athlete’s ability to perform.

If a player’s BMI is between 18.5 and 24, he will be classified as overweight, meaning he is considered obese and should not play football.

Players with BMIs of 25 or higher, or a BMI of 30 or higher will be considered underweight and should be played in the bench or the full-back position.

The players’ BMI is determined by measuring their height and weight, then subtracting 1.5 kilograms from each measurement.

If the player has a BMI under 18.0, he is classified as underweight, and the player will be advised to eat and exercise less.

If he has a BMI over 18.9, he should be exercised.

The player’s weight will be adjusted based on this measurement, and his weight will also be determined by using a formula.

If weight is not known, the player’s height is determined from his height and waist circumference.

If there are no measurements, a player is considered under or overweight based on his weight.