Blind football equipment wiki: Football gear

A football-related wiki has been launched by the Blind Football Equipment Association (BBEA) in a bid to tackle blind football equipment in the UK.

The site, which is still under development, aims to provide a space for users to discuss the equipment they own, as well as how to safely and effectively use it.

It aims to “help all blind football fans to get the best out of their football equipment”, according to its FAQ section.

“If you can’t see your equipment, we’ve got the FAQ here,” BBEA manager Alex McEvoy told The Verge.

“If you are unsure about what equipment you can buy, we have a guide on what’s out there.”

He added that the website would be updated regularly and will feature “photos and videos of the equipment”.

“We want to make it easy for people to access all the equipment on the market,” he said.

“It will also help us to improve the site and get it up and running again.”

The Blind Football Association is an umbrella body for blind football clubs in the United Kingdom, which runs the Blind and Visually Impaired Sport (BVS) club league, and also has its own website.

The BBEA, which aims to encourage the use of equipment, has previously partnered with the British National Blind Sports Association (BNBSA) and has worked with the UK Blind Sports Federation (UKBSF).

The website is being made possible through a £250,000 grant from the British Foundation for Blind Sports.

The BBEA’s current budget is just over £2.4m.

The Blind Sports UK is an online platform for people who suffer from a range of conditions, including blindness and mobility issues, to share their stories, connect with others and connect with other sports enthusiasts.

It also aims to be a platform for sport and disability groups to network, organise and share ideas.