Football tape recorder, NFL players’ practice equipment: What you need to know

The NFL is facing some serious financial woes, and it appears that the NFL Players Association is working to make sure that those who need it most aren’t the ones who need to pay.

According to the New York Times, the union recently sent a letter to all NFL teams, asking them to stop providing practice equipment to players.

It also requested that teams provide a list of the equipment they would be using to cover all of their training camps, and the teams to whom they would sell the equipment.

It’s a request that comes in addition to the union’s demand for the NFL to give back all of its unused practice equipment.

“The NFL is working diligently to help the players with their injury compensation needs, but we cannot afford to ignore the urgent needs of the players,” the union said in a statement.

“It is essential that every NFL team makes its practice equipment available to the players.”

Weeks ago, the NFLPA sent a similar letter to the NFL.

It was widely seen as a direct response to the current lockout.

The league has made its players eligible to play for the first time since the 1995 season, and most players are eligible to be released at the start of next season.

But the players’ union is hoping that the lockout will put a stop to that.

According to the Times, union officials sent a second letter to each team asking that all players be paid the minimum amount.

The letter also requested the teams pay the players their full compensation.

In the letter to teams, the unions said the league should provide a “reasonable amount” of players’ compensation to all players and not just those who played for a team.

“There is no reasonable expectation that the players will receive this amount in the foreseeable future,” the letter said.

The union also noted that the salary cap for each team was already set at $1.9 billion last season.