How to get your own Puma football helmet

Puma Football helmets are not available for sale, but you can get one online for as little as Rs. 4,999.

A few brands like Adidas, Nike, and Reebok are making their own Pumas.

Here’s how to get one.

How to get a Puma helmet:First, you’ll need a pair of shoes.

They’ll need to have a hole in them.

Then, buy one from a trusted online retailer.

You can pick up one from Adidas or Reebock for Rs. 1,999 or Rs. 3,999 respectively.

Once you’ve picked one up, head over to your local Puma shop and order it.

Puma will ship the helmets to your door.

This is important because the Pumars helmets are made from a polycarbonate material, which is supposed to absorb the impact of a football hit.

The helmet can be worn for a week and then it can be replaced, though you’ll have to pay a bit more.

This, in theory, means you can wear it for three months, which should help with the wear-and-tear.

Pumases helmet will be shipped out of India.

If you want a pair for yourself, it’ll cost you about Rs. 16,000, which will be worth about Rs 12,000 if you’re looking for a more expensive helmet.