Puma football gear weighs in at 8 pounds

Puma has officially announced that the brand’s new football gear is 8 pounds heavier than its predecessors.

Puma is introducing a new line of football equipment to its customers and its followers.

It’s called Puma Football Gear, and it’s designed to look and feel like the Puma of old.

The brand has been taking the same basic design approach to the new model since its inception, but Puma says it’s taken some cues from other brands.

“We wanted to get the best performance and fit that the new Puma products have, while being as light as possible,” said Puma Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Cawthorn.

“We took the Pumas design, put a little Puma in it, and took the shape and weight of our competitors.”

Puma Football Equipment: New design, old technologyThe new Pumasi football gear uses a new “Puma-inspired” design.

It features a mesh upper with a soft-touch lining, an open chest, and a removable “Pumas” branding on the side of the top panel.

It weighs in the 8-pound range.

The lower back strap is also removable.

Puma claims that the P-series will be available for men and women in November, and for men in January.

It will also be available in a variety of colors.

Pumashouldn’t go into too much detail on the fit of the new line, but the company did say that the company has been working closely with Nike, which is producing the shoes.

The new P-line is the first to include a Puma brand name on the front, with the “P” branding on the rear.

Pumashool will offer a range of men’s and women’s football equipment for the first time.

The company has previously released football boots, helmets, and gloves, and there are plans to make some sort of football accessories for women’s soccer.

Pushers will be offered in a range from men’s to women’s, and the company says it will offer several different styles for the two genders.

Puneet Kaur, the VP of marketing for Puma, said that the men’s line will be “full of innovation and creativity,” and that the women’s line is focused on making the sport accessible to a broader audience.

Pemurally, the new football range will come with a full range of Pumasa-inspired sports equipment, from pads to gloves, gloves, cleats, and even a pair of shoes.

“This new line will provide a whole new way to experience the game,” Kaur said.

“There’s a lot of excitement and a lot more attention to detail that’s gone into this new line.”

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