‘Superman’ toy can’t keep up with football equipment

Superman is no stranger to toys, and the toys from the popular superhero movie franchise have become a huge hit with children in recent years.

Now, new toys from LEGO have been created to celebrate the movie’s popularity, with a line of “Superman” action figures based on the iconic hero. 

The “Superboy” action figure has a sleek metallic body with a large head, and features a long, pointed helmet with a stylized face.

The “Starfire” action toy, which features a head that can be raised and a rotating blade on the front, has a metallic body and has an oversized face.

The toy has a red and blue cape with a shield, and a red cape with yellow accents. 

Both of the “Legends of Tomorrow” action toys have metal heads with metallic arms, with two-tone color variations. 

A “Batman” toy based on Bruce Wayne, voiced by Tom Felton, has the Batman symbol on its chest.

The action figure also features a red bat mask and red cape.

The toys are designed to be played with and are powered by LEGO batteries.