Which Duke Football equipment trunk is right for you?

The University of Texas has been criticised for having the wrong football equipment trundles.

The school is set to be forced to pay a $1.8 million fine by the NCAA for not having adequate equipment to keep players healthy.

The NCAA alleges the university had inadequate supply chains, but the university denied that it had failed to maintain adequate equipment.

The university has said it will be offering up to $5 million to help students cover the costs of the fines, which could be up to 20 per cent of the total.

The US National Collegiate Athletic Association said the decision to fine the university would hurt the game’s chances for participation in future competitions.

It is “inconceivable” the NCAA will not impose a financial penalty on the school, said Gary Claxton, executive director of the association’s board of directors.

“That would be a disaster for our sport and it’s an insult to the entire university,” Claxton said.

“I hope the NCAA respects the decisions that have been made and we’re prepared to fight this for as long as it takes.”

The NCAA has been warning Duke’s players not to use the trunks of their football equipment to store their personal belongings and instead keep them at home.

The trunks were originally meant to be used by the players to store footballs, helmets, pads and jerseys, but have been replaced with padded trunks that are much too large for their needs.

The new trunks are also too big for the players’ heads, neck, shoulders and other vital areas, and are also covered by a foam pad.

The department of athletic equipment has now made changes to the trunk designs, but has said the new trunk design will remain.

A university spokesman said the university was working to meet the new requirements, which are set to go into effect next year.