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The Premier League is in the process of changing its treatment of players’ hand injuries after players suffered severe concussions in a spate of incidents.

The Premier League announced on Thursday that all players with a concussion in the previous five seasons will have their concussion symptoms and rehabilitation programme reviewed.

This will include new protocols to ensure players are receiving the best possible treatment, including specialist support.

This new approach comes after the league received a number of complaints about players suffering serious concussions.

This is a time for us to take a moment to reflect on the recent events, Premier League chairman Greg Dyke said.

He added that the club was working with the Premier League, the Football Association and the World Health Organization to develop a comprehensive concussion policy.

“It is important for the players to know what’s happening.

If there is a diagnosis of concussion, the players must receive a full assessment of their concussion,” he said.”

There must be a clear understanding of what is happening to them.”

What we need to do is get on with the task at hand.

“We will not let this happen again.”

The Premier the Premier Football League has also launched a ‘guidance’ for its players, who will be required to sign a code of conduct outlining how they are to act in the event of a concussion.

The rules also include a ‘safety checklist’ that must be completed in writing by all players every six months.

This includes providing information on the latest research, including how to manage concussions, the best care, treatment and recovery, and the risks of returning to play.

“As the premier football league, we take the issue of concussions very seriously and we will be looking to support and encourage our players to be able to deal with them in a responsible way,” Dyke added.

“This new protocol will be rolled out to all players by the end of the season.”

Players will also have a ‘health check’ in place every day and players will have to keep a diary of their symptoms for three months.

The changes come after the Football League was hit with a number the first of its own in a month after a group of players from the West Midlands, Nottinghamshire, Nottingham City and Preston, all of whom have suffered severe head injuries, began a campaign calling for the league to change its policies.

The Football League will also start to review all its concussion protocols, including players’ training protocols, when the new protocols are launched.

The clubs involved in the campaign include West Midlands clubs Preston and Nottingham Forest.

Players from the four clubs were invited to participate in a consultation process and the results have been published.

They have been invited to write to the Premier Leagues chief executive, Gary Rowett, to express their concerns.

The campaign has also called for the Premier to be required by law to introduce concussion protocols for all its players.