Duke Football Equipment Updates: December 10, 2018

Duke football equipment is on a roll.

It’s still quite a while away from being as well-regarded as it was in the spring of 2018.

Duke football is getting better and better every week, and it’s going to continue to improve in the coming months.

Duke is on pace to have more than 1,200 players graduate this fall.

With that said, it’s important to remember that there are many more Duke players on the roster than there are players on that roster.

For instance, there are over 300 active players on Duke’s active roster.

With this in mind, it would be wise to keep an eye on Duke basketball as well.

The Blue Devils are coming off a win against Florida State, a victory over No. 6 Virginia Tech, and a loss to No. 7 Duke.

They’ve played the first three of those games against teams that have lost a total of 10 games in the last seven years, and the Blue Devils have lost all three of their games this year.

Duke will likely continue to be a top-10 team in the ACC this year, but it will be hard to get ahead of them with the talent they have.

With a couple of good wins, Duke is still capable of getting in the top 10, but a win over No, 1 Florida State and a win at No. 5 Virginia Tech will put Duke on the map.