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The world’s top football clubs, including the English Premier League, have agreed to set up joint ventures to compete in the new, international competition.

The Premier League (PL), the Premier League Football Club of England (PLFA), the Bundesliga, the Premier Leagues of Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands will all work together to compete for the title of FIFA World Football Players of the Year 2018.

The announcement came from the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) at the end of a press conference at Sydney’s Opera House.

“FIFA has set out the criteria for the competition, which is expected to be a world-class competition,” FFA chief executive David Gallop said.

FIFA CEO Jerome Valcke said the “world-class” nature of the competition would “bring together the best of the world’s best in an exciting and entertaining competition”.

“Fifa’s world-leading executive committee is determined to deliver the most exciting competition in world football and we have been working hard to ensure that this is achieved,” Valckel said.FIFA World Football Player of the year 2018: David Gallapel and Jerome ValuclesThe World Cup is not a World Cup.

It’s a tournament, with a grand prize of $100m and a 30-man World Cup squad that’s based on the best talent on the planet.

And it’s a sport that has never won an international title.

The first time we played in a World War I World Cup was in 1949, and it wasn’t until 1964 that we were awarded the tournament.

But since then, it’s been a regular fixture in the history of the game.

The World Cups are held every four years in Russia, South Korea, Brazil, Japan, France and England.

Each of those countries has hosted at least two of the tournament’s previous five tournaments, with the last two being played in South Africa and Qatar.

The most recent edition of the World Cup, which will be played in Russia from September 20-21, will be held in the United States.

More than 30 countries will compete for at least one spot in the tournament, and the world of football is big enough that the best players from all over the world are all competing in the same competition.

It’s an opportunity for players from around the world to come together to play in the biggest competition in the world, and to share the glory with their fellow countrymen.

There’s a lot at stake.

The world’s biggest sporting event is a sporting event, and this is a competition that we hope is going to attract the best and the brightest in the football world.

The fans are going to be able to see the best.

The players are going the world over to be with their countrymen, competing against one another in front of their country and to show their country what they’re made of.

That’s a massive undertaking for FIFA, and one that’s a huge opportunity for football in Australia.

The FFA is hoping the FFA’s joint venture will be able see the likes of Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, David Villa, Luis Suarez and more join the ranks of those in the elite.

The FA says it has the resources to support the FFFA’s joint ventures and to ensure they have the best possible experience of hosting the tournament for all the teams involved.

“We’re pleased that FFA has made the decision to work with us to support our joint ventures,” FFFAA general manager James Kavanagh said.

“The FFA and FFFOA are well-known for their collaboration and are already working with a number of other stakeholders in the FFTA to ensure we are up to the task.”

As the World Cups continue to expand and more and more of our countries participate, we are confident that the FFSA will have the resources, infrastructure and expertise to bring the best in football to the world stage.

“The FFFAB is a joint venture between the Australian Football Association (AFA) and Football Federation Australia (FFA).

The FFTB is the governing body of the Australian National Football League (ANFL).

FFL officials say the FAB’s announcement of the joint venture is an indication that FFF has the expertise, infrastructure, support and resources to host the event and that the joint ventures are a key component to ensuring a high-quality, high-value experience for fans.”

It is important to understand that the players will be competing for the same prize in the competition and will be working closely together to bring their respective nations to victory,” FFTBA general manager of competition David Ritchie said.

The FFSB’s decision to announce the joint-ventures was met with excitement and applause by the FFL players, who will now have the opportunity to put their best foot forward to compete at the World Football