How to get the best AFL players in the best way

AFL equipment has been around for a long time, and it’s hard to get more iconic than the ball.

The game itself is legendary for its ball, but its football gear has been a part of the game since the early days of the sport.

From the ball itself to the helmet, you can’t go wrong with the AFL’s football gear.

Below is a list of the best football gear for your next game.

Pros Cons The best football helmet.

Cons No visor.

The helmet is also the most expensive.

The most expensive helmet.

No visors.

Pros Cheap.

Cons Only $60 bucks.

Pros Good helmet.

Not bad.

Pros High quality.

Cons Poor visor (for now).

Pros Good visor with good performance.

Cons Cheap.

Pros Not bad for a $60 helmet.

Pros Very good.

Cons Bad visor and poor performance.

Pros Great for training.

Pros Average.

Cons Low visor performance.

The best helmet for the money.

Pros Nice looking helmet.

Great for practice.

Cons Average.

Pros Bad visors, poor performance, price.

Cons A good football helmet with bad performance.

It has been over a decade since the AFL released a helmet.

The helmets below have been updated to keep up with modern players.

Pros Fast.

Cons Relatively cheap.

Cons Slow performance.