‘I’m going to make sure I’m wearing these’: Aussie woman shares her advice on what to wear for football after she suffered the worst injury ever

An 18-year-old Australian woman has suffered the third and final blow of her career after a vicious, one-sided collision with a football in which she was injured at a Brisbane football ground.

The player, who cannot be named for legal reasons, suffered a concussion after the collision on Saturday, with the player’s mother claiming the player was in a bad way before the game.

The teenager, who was wearing the same pair of white socks and socks as her teammates on Saturday’s game against a team from South Australia, suffered the concussion as she ran towards the ground after being knocked unconscious by the ball, the Brisbane Times reported.

The club was not immediately available for comment.

“She just got hit,” her mother, Kristina Sow, told the newspaper.

“She was a very bright young girl.

She had just turned 18.

She was just going to go to university.

She had no idea what was happening, she was just out to have fun.””

She’s just a bright girl.

I’ve got to get her a football, I’ve been doing all that.

I’m not happy with what I’ve seen today, I just want to get this over with.”‘

She was just playing’The incident happened in the Brisbane suburb of Llanelli.

It was unclear when the woman’s parents arrived at the game, but the club said on social media that the woman had suffered a serious head injury and was undergoing treatment.

“It’s been reported that a young woman has been hit by a ball during a game and suffered a head injury, with immediate medical assistance available,” the club tweeted.

“Please pray for her and her family at this time.”

The teenager’s mother told ABC Radio Brisbane the girl had been playing in a match against her school team when the collision occurred.

“I saw her on the ground,” she said.

“The girl was just running and she’s just running to get up and get her shoes on.

Then she went back to play and she got hit and she lost her balance.

Her mom was on the other side of the field.

I’m not even sure if she’s conscious or not. “

She was so close.

I’m not even sure if she’s conscious or not.

Everyone was shocked.”‘

It was a bloody, bloody mess’Her mother said the club did not offer medical assistance to the player.

“There was blood everywhere,” she told the ABC.

“[I] don’t know what happened.

It was a terrible scene.

The club has been contacted for comment but the team has not responded to a request for comment from ABC Radio Queensland.”

I was just thinking that this is a bit unfair to her and it was a really nasty, bloody scene.”

The club has been contacted for comment but the team has not responded to a request for comment from ABC Radio Queensland.

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