Soccer players to get free helmets, gloves, pads

Soccer players and other athletes will soon be free to have the same helmets and protective gear they already have, but a new report suggests the cost to wear one will be higher than the original purchase.

According to an ESPN report, Major League Soccer players will get a helmet with a $75 price tag.

However, that price is up from the $80 they paid for the original helmet.

The helmet has a face shield, but it does not have a built-in helmet cup.

Instead, players can take the helmet off the shoulder pads, which costs $25 and adds another $10 to the cost.

The gloves are $40 each and will add another $20.

The pads are $35 each and add another 30 to the price.

The new helmets cost about $200, ESPN reports.

However it adds that they are now a bit more expensive than the helmet itself.

The price tag on the new helmets is about $250 per helmet.