What to expect from the 2017 NFL season

The NFL season is nearly here, and with the preseason schedule and regular season schedule all scheduled to begin in a few weeks, it’s time to get a feel for the schedule for the 2017 season.

Here’s what to expect.

First off, the schedule is fairly predictable.

With that said, the league’s schedule is not all that much different than the preseason slate, with a few notable exceptions.

The first game is on Thanksgiving, with the Patriots hosting the Bengals, followed by the Bills at Green Bay and the Bengals at Indianapolis.

The first of those two games is a home game, with New England hosting the Colts and the Bills hosting the Jaguars, so that’s a big game.

The second game is a Monday night game at Buffalo, with both teams playing at home.

The Colts host the Bills, and the Colts play at home, so those two are big.

The third game is the regular season opener at Baltimore.

It’s the first time the Colts will play the Ravens, but it’s the last time they’ll play the Bills.

The Ravens are playing in their final season, and it’s an ideal way to wrap things up.

The fourth game is an eight-team battle at Cincinnati.

The Bengals have the NFC North title, and have a bye this season.

The Browns have a win-loss record and a wild card spot, but the Colts have won the division the past two years.

The last time the Browns were in the AFC North, they were a wildcard team.

The team that beat the Bengals in Week 14 was the Browns, who had won the AFC South two years prior.

The Bills have won three of their last four games.

The Broncos are playing their final game at home against the Colts.

The Titans are playing at Tennessee, and are playing the first game of their three-game trip in Week 17.

The final game is at Pittsburgh, with Indianapolis facing the Steelers.

The Steelers have won two of the past three meetings, including a 34-28 victory in Week 15.

The season-ending injury to Antonio Brown has kept the Steelers’ offense afloat, but they’ve allowed an average of over 20 points per game to the Patriots.

The AFC North is tied for the third-fewest points per play allowed, so this could be a difficult battle.

The Colts have one more game this season, against the Jaguars at home on Nov. 4.

That game will be played on Thanksgiving.

The Jaguars are still in a three-way tie for first place in the NFC South, so a road win here is no guarantee of a playoff spot.

The Patriots are also playing at Jacksonville, and that’s another game that could decide the division.

The Steelers will have the final two games of the regular year, on the road against the Bengals and at home versus the Titans.

They’ll play one more road game against the Patriots in Week 16, and a home contest against the Texans in Week 18.

The Bengals have one final home game this year, against Cleveland in Week 1.

The home game against Cleveland is the Bengals-Titans game, and will be the last game of the season.

The Titans will play their final home regular-season game against Oakland, on Nov .


The Raiders are in their last season in the American Football Conference, and this game is their last regular-year game in the conference.

The Texans are the second-worst team in the NFL, and they’ve won the last two AFC South titles.

The Texans are not only one of the worst teams in the league, they’re also one of only two teams in that division with a losing record.

The rest of the AFC West is a .500 team, and only one team in that region is a playoff team.

The Jaguars have one last game in Week 9, and another one in Week 10.

Jacksonville is in the division cellar, and is not playing in Week 12.

The Dolphins are in a two-way race for the last wild card, and Miami is playing the Chargers.

The Chargers are playing one more home game in a row, and also the last home game of a road trip, in Week 13.

The Patriots have one home game during the regular-week schedule, on Sept. 15.

That’s the final game of preseason, so the Patriots will be playing their last game before the regular campaign begins.

The Jets have a losing regular- season record and are in the wild card chase.

The Ravens are facing the Chargers in Week 2.

Both teams are in desperate need of wins, and if they lose to San Diego, they’ll be out of the playoffs for the second straight year.

The Lions have a five-game winning streak, and Detroit will need to win three more games to have a shot at the playoffs.

The Vikings will face the Chiefs in Week 3.

The Chiefs have won their last two games against the Vikings, and Minnesota has a four-game losing streak.

The Rams will play at Seattle in Week 4.

The Seahawks will be coming