What’s on sale in adidas Football Shop?

The adidas brand is expanding its line of football-specific gear.

The retailer is offering the first pair of adidas Nike Football Gear, a pair of football cleats, and a pair to go with it.

The new set will go on sale Nov. 16.

The set is called the Nike Football Safety Set and is $159.99.

The Nike Football Kit, a full-length football helmet that has a collar with a logo on the front, has a price tag of $169.99, while the Nike NFL Headgear, a helmet with the logo on its front, is $149.99 for a set of four.

Both sets will be available in men’s sizes 8-14.

The adidas NFL Headwear has a logo and logo collar, while Nike NFL Gloves have a logo collar and a logo cuff.

The NFL Headdress is available in two colors: navy and black.

The NFL Kit has a hoodie, while NFL Gloves are available in three colors: Navy, white, and black, according to adidas.

The Nike Football Gloves are $99.99 and are available now for $139.99 each.