When a goalie saves your life, you have a story

The first time a goalie saved my life, it was in a game I didn’t even play.

I was on the bench for a preseason game against the Philadelphia Flyers.

I’m not sure I could remember the last time I was in the NHL, and this was my second game with the Washington Capitals.

My teammates were the ones who saved my career.

I remember the day I made my NHL debut, in 1997.

I had to be a bit nervous.

I went into the net and tried to stop a puck.

I tried to go through it, but it was so hard, so heavy, and the puck just flew through me and I just kept screaming, “Stop!



I didn, too.

I’ve never stopped crying.

It was my first time seeing a goalie, and it was something that I never thought I’d see again.

My career was over in the first five years of my career, and I was happy to be playing hockey again.

The goalie’s job is to be the first one to the crease and to help your team.

If you’re going to be in the net, you’re the goalie.

It’s the hardest job in hockey.

But, I’m glad that I had the opportunity to play with the Capitals, because I could look at myself in a mirror and say, “Look, I’ve got a good job here.”

The only thing I was nervous about was playing in front of my own fans.

I couldn’t imagine a situation where my life would be over if I went out on the ice and I lost the game.

I still remember the feeling of going up to the bench, and seeing the look on the fans’ faces.

The whole time I wasn’t sure if I was going to score, because the goalie was holding the puck up in the air, but I was so happy to score that I was crying.

I wanted to make them proud, too, because it was a special moment.

I felt like the fans were there, cheering me on, and that’s why I’ve stayed with the Caps.

When I was starting my career in 2001, there were no goaltenders, so I had no idea what it would be like.

The only goal I knew for sure was that I could get the puck out.

I knew it would take a couple of tries, but eventually I got the puck to the net.

And the first time I got it, I thought, “Wow, this is awesome.”

It felt like I had just won a lottery ticket.

I didn.

But then, I started playing.

I started winning championships.

I got a Stanley Cup in 2005.

I have a Hall of Fame jersey with my number on it.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it, because we wear it on the sidelines at games, and on the way to and from the rink, we look up and see the number.

I think we’ve had more than a few fans in the stands.

I thought I had one of those fans, too; I don’ think she knew what it was.

We’ve had so many fans in here, so many people who have supported us and have been so supportive of me, so much so that they even came to our game one day and stood with me to cheer us on.

That was something special.

I always wanted to play for the Capitals.

I played for Washington in 2006, and when I got back to Boston, I had a contract with the New York Rangers.

That team was a little bit better.

They were young, so they had a lot of potential, and they were in a tough spot.

But I loved playing for the Rangers.

I loved my time in Boston.

When we went to New York, I didn’ think I’d make it, too much of a success.

But the fans made me believe I could.

I learned so much from playing in New York.

The guys have been unbelievable, and so are the fans.

They really have given me everything I’ve ever wanted, and now I’m back in Boston, so that’s great.

I like to think of the fans as my family.

I really appreciate everything they’ve done for me.

I can’t say enough about the fans in New England.

The fans really get behind the team, too — in a way, they’re like a second family.

If something is going wrong, if someone’s not happy, they always make sure it’s on their mind, too because it’s their job to get things done.

It makes them proud to be part of this organization, and their loyalty goes beyond what’s supposed to happen.

So, I think the fans are going to continue to be one of the best fans in all of hockey.

I know I’m going to have to start going up against them every day.

But it’s going to get better, and we’re going at it together. I just