When do NFL referees start wearing NFL football helmets?

The NFL has always made its game officials wear NFL football equipment.

But this season, that’s no longer the case.

It seems the league’s officials are beginning to wear NFL helmets.

The NFL announced on Thursday that it will begin wearing NFL helmets in all 32 NFL teams starting in the upcoming season.

The league has said the new helmets will reduce head trauma and allow referees to focus on the game, not the helmet.

The helmet will cost an average of $250 and include a head strap and ear pads.

It will also come with the same protective head coverings as helmets that are worn by players.

The new helmets come at a time when the league has been criticized for allowing a spike in concussions.

Last year, the NFL found itself under fire for the league not paying its players adequately.

Last month, the league was fined $25 million by the NFLPA for not paying players properly.

The NFLPA said the fines were warranted.

What do you think of the new helmet?