Which NFL player has the most fumble recoveries?

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is known as the Gronk of football.

In 2016, he had 10 fumble recoverions.

The second-year player had 11 in 2017.

He had 12 in 2018 and 14 in 2019.

In 2020, he was a finalist for Defensive Player of the Year, and he finished with a team-high four interceptions.

The 2017 Super Bowl MVP and MVP of the Super Bowl LI, Gronk missed the entire 2018 season after tearing his ACL and MCL in his right knee.

Gronkowski, 30, signed with the Dallas Cowboys for $40 million in 2020, and his best season was with Dallas.

He averaged 8.8 yards per catch and 10.7 yards per punt return, and the team went 15-4.

Gronk made the Pro Bowl in 2020.

In 2021, Gronkowski was injured again and missed the final six games of the season, with just one return for a touchdown.

Gronke missed the playoffs again in 2022, and in the first round of the playoffs, he missed the first two games with a foot injury.

Gronken is still active.

He is one of the top kickers in NFL history, with 10,945 kickoffs and 4,927 punts.

The New England Super Bowl-winning quarterback was selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018.

Gronck’s career is over.

Gronkens contract with the Cowboys expires after this season.

Gronker, 32, is one the NFL’s top players in both points and yards per game.

He has a career average of 5.3 yards per attempt.

Gronks best year was with the Los Angeles Rams, in 2018, when he had 16 receptions for 268 yards and two touchdowns.

He also had two kickoff returns for touchdowns.

Gronkeder is active with the Indianapolis Colts.

He played one season in Indianapolis, with one start.

Gronkos career average is 5.9 yards per reception, with two touchdown returns.

He will make the Pro Tour this year, but will miss the Pro bowl.

Gronoken signed with Los Angeles as an undrafted free agent in 2020 and has made more than 200 appearances in the NFL.

Gronky, who will turn 30 on January 18, 2020, has won the NFL MVP twice and the Pro Bowler twice.

Gronkes playing career has been marred by injury.

He missed nine games in 2021 with a broken leg, the last one in 2018 because of a sprained ankle.

Gronkin has missed the Pro bowls three times and the NFL Championships once, but he has never been to the NFL Championship Game.

He finished second to Peyton Manning in the Superbowl MVP voting in 2022.

Gronking has been active in the sport since he was 12 years old, and has been named to two All-Pro teams and a Pro Bowl team.

Gronkhou has been a standout receiver and punt returner.

He became a household name after his rookie season in 2011, when the Saints drafted him with the first pick of the first draft.

He caught 68 passes for 1,009 yards and eight touchdowns.

His career average per catch is 4.7.

He was a key contributor in the Saints Super Bowl run in 2012.

Gronkovk had seven receptions for 113 yards and a touchdown in the Probowl in 2018 as the Saints won their first Super Bowl title since 1970.

He made the playoffs in 2019, and finished with four catches for 29 yards and one touchdown.

He returned two kicks for touchdowns in the playoffs and the Superdome.

Gronklk won a Super Bowl with the New York Jets in 2010 and again in 2013, when they lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the title game.

Gronko has won three Pro Bowls, four First-Team All-Americans, two All NFL First-team selections and the 2013 Pro Bowl MVP award.

GronK’s career average for catches is 3.6 yards per return, but his career average on punt returns is 3 yards per kickoff return.

Gron kenken is active in multiple leagues and sports.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from Florida International University in 2016.

Gronkjk has also been active as a coach.

He spent four years as an assistant coach with the Green Bay Packers and two years as the defensive coordinator with the Detroit Lions.

He coached defensive backs for the Green and Lions in 2017, and was the head coach for the Falcons in 2018 before joining the Seahawks coaching staff.

Gronknk is active on the NFL and College Football websites.

He coaches youth football, youth football and soccer, and is the vice president of student development and partnerships at The Academy of Sport and the director of sports performance for the Boston University SportCenter.

He started his coaching career at the University of Georgia and worked his way up to assistant head coach in 2008.

He led the Bulldogs to a winning record in his first season as a head coach.

Gronlin was a three-