Which wheelchair football players are on the verge of retirement

Here’s what you need to know about wheelchair football and its players, starting with the most exciting and talented of them all.1.

Shikihito Matsuo, 20, a former senior player at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and now a full-time wheelchair football player in the state of Hawaii, has been named the first-ever UHPA wheelchair football team captain.2.

Former Hawaii state champion and University of Hawaiʻi-Manoa star Shikirou Okamoto, 23, was named the UHSA wheelchair football coach.3.

UHPSA coach Shai Kilaoka, 41, who spent five seasons as the coach at Hawaii’s Waipahu High School, has also been named wheelchair football’s coach of the year.4.

Former UHUAA player Taro Takano was named UHPOA player of the season.5.

Former University of New Mexico and Hawaii basketball player Mitsuo Miyake was named as UHPM coach of year.6.

Former San Diego State University volleyball player Nao Shimaiwa was named wheelchair basketball coach.7.

UHCU senior volleyball player Keiko Nakamura was named a team captain of the UAHPUA.8.

Former WPSU women’s volleyball player Tae Kyung Park was named chairwoman of the wheelchair football club.9.

Former UW-Madison volleyball player Yung Hwa Lee was named team captain for the wheelchair club.10.

Former Washington State University football player Shanti Kamboh was named president of the team.11.

Former Arizona State University men’s basketball player Tyler Wintor was named head coach of wheelchair football.12.

Former New Mexico State University women’s basketball team player Lacey Hirschfeld was named co-captain.13.

Former UCLA men’s tennis player Emily M. Pritchett was named captain.14.

Former UTSA women’s tennis team player Kianna Picholny was named vice chairwoman.15.

Former Oklahoma State University soccer player Marissa Lee was given the honor of team captain, and she’ll be joined on the team by UAHPOA member Liana D’Cruz.16.

Former Seattle University women`s soccer team player Yvonne W. Brown was named associate chairwoman for the club.17.

Former Miami University women�s basketball player Yoon-Yoo Kim was named assistant coach.18.

Former Northern Arizona University women”s volleyball team player and wheelchair basketball player Liana B. DeMarco was named coach of record.19.

Former Oregon State University basketball player and former UAHPA player Kari Luell was named interim coach.20.

Former Boston College women�`s basketball team member and wheelchair football member Kelly E. Williams was named club captain.21.

Former North Carolina State University assistant coach Kimi Novelli was named to the team as the interim head coach.22.

Former Wisconsin State University lacrosse player and UW-Whitewater player Tana Bannigan was named first-team co-chairwoman.23.

Former Nebraska women`’s basketball and wheelchair hockey player and UAHPSA player Rachel Fenton was named general manager of the club for the year, and UHPUA member Marissa L. DeCarlo is the vice president.24.

Former Tulsa International University men�s lacrosse team player Nick Lasko was named student-athlete of the month.25.

Former Northwestern University men”s basketball and UWPOA football player and WPS UH POA team member Ashley F. Anderson was named player of year for the season, and senior women’s lacrosse players Kelly B. Davis and Lauren M. Breen were named team captains.26.

Former Stanford University men`s and women” s basketball and WPOA women”’s basketball players Sarah L. Smith and Lauren L. McQuade were named player-of-the-year candidates.27.

Former Colorado State University baseball player and co-president of the WPS wheelchair football program and WPUU senior women” d volleyball player and coach Kami K. Daugherty was named athlete of the week.28.

Former Southern California University football and WSU football players Kyle C. Farrar and Sarah S. Anderson were named co/chairs of the squad.29.

Former Iowa State University golf player and University at Buffalo basketball player Josh L. Jones was named defensive player of record for the week for the UHSPOA.30.

Former Notre Dame football player Ryan T. Johnson, the son of UH football coach Mike Johnson, was the UO”s coach of a team that won the 2014 NCAA Division II Men”s Basketball Tournament championship.31.

Former Central Michigan University basketball and UUH football players and UO basketball player Aaron T. Smith were named captains for the team, and former W