Why the Seahawks should take an interest in the NFL’s new stadium

When you buy an NFL stadium, it’s important to understand the economics of how the facility will be paid for.

The Seahawks have been doing this since 1996.

And in a world where stadiums are being built for NFL teams, Seattle has the advantage of knowing how the revenue will be split.

If the Seahawks are willing to take a risk on a new stadium, why not a new technology platform for stadiums, too?

It could be an opportunity for Seattle to compete with the NFL for technology and talent.

The NFL is also hoping to get a foothold in the technology space.

The Seattle Seahawks were the first team to use the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset that has a high-tech design that lets users move around a 3D virtual world and immerse themselves in a live game.

It’s also possible that the Seahawks could use their VR technology to help with stadium design, said Michael Meehan, a senior research fellow at the Knight Foundation.

The first-ever NFL stadium could also be the biggest investment in a technology platform, said Kevin Murphy, a professor of sports business at the University of South Florida.

The league has been building its stadium technology infrastructure with a variety of technology partners.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were the last NFL team to build a stadium using the Oculus VR platform.

In the future, the league may look to other technology companies to build stadiums.

If it’s the Seahawks who want to build the stadium, then the stadium could be one of the biggest investments in the league.

For years, the Seahawks have had to contend with the cost of stadiums, Murphy said.

The team has been forced to pay for the land around CenturyLink Field, the team’s home stadium.

The cost of the land is estimated at $1.8 billion.

For the first few years, it was considered a luxury to be able to live in the suburbs, and many people thought that the team would be able a move to the suburbs when they retired.

But the Seahawks aren’t just trying to stay in Seattle.

They are trying to compete for talent with teams like the Miami Dolphins, who are investing heavily in stadiums.

The Vikings and Vikings-Browns game in Cleveland was one of several major events that the NFL had in the stadium space this year.

The Super Bowl was also a big part of the league’s strategy for the new stadium.