NFL players are taking protective equipment from school field to the NFL, it seems

This is a pretty common story around football.

The players are putting on their protective equipment and going out on the field to do their job.

However, it appears the school is using their equipment for other purposes, too.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been known to put their helmets and gloves on the backs of students in their locker rooms, but in recent years, the NFL has been using the same practice to supplement its uniforms.

Now, according to an article from The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Steelers have begun putting the helmets and equipment in their own locker rooms.

The Steelers’ new equipment will be distributed to the teams, which are also responsible for their own uniforms.

The equipment was distributed to teams and players at a meeting on Thursday, and will be used for a few weeks before being distributed to players.

The team equipment will include a full-face helmet with the visor down, gloves, and an open-face shield with a visor on the back.

The shield will be placed in front of the player’s eyes, and the helmet will be removed from the player and placed on the player in a fashion that will not interfere with his vision.

In addition to the helmet, the equipment will also include shoulder pads, and a helmet protector with an adjustable visor, a safety pin, and safety straps.

Players will also be able to wear protective equipment that will protect against concussions.