This is a child football equipment company

The latest craze for child-sized football equipment has taken off on Reddit, and it involves a little-known company.

The child-friendly company, called Child Football, has released a collection of child-appropriate soccer balls, soccer jerseys, and even a child-size replica of a soccer goal.

Some of the company’s products are even available in a kid-friendly version.

One of the coolest products is a “child-sized” soccer jersey that comes with a “sturdy” inner layer and is available for $30.

It also comes with an “inside” layer that has “extra cushioning and padding.”

It also has a “super soft” inside that is “invisible to the naked eye,” according to the company.

This is why the company claims it’s “easily cleaned.”

A child-sizing soccer jersey.

(Child Football)The company even claims to be the only one in the country with the same child-like logo and design.

“I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s best designers and manufacturing companies and am proud to be a part of their creative process,” Child Football cofounder and CEO Sam Goulson said in a statement.

“They’ve been so supportive and have made it a pleasure to work together with them to produce our products.”

It’s not clear how many people have purchased Child Football products.

However, the company says it has sold “over 100,000 soccer balls and soccer jerseys” in the last 24 hours.

The company says that sales are up 60 percent in the past 24 hours and that the company has more than doubled its current sales volume in less than a week.

The company is also currently on its fourth day of selling out of the initial order.

It says it is currently on track to fulfill all orders within the next few weeks.

The full product list is as follows:Child Football soccer jersey with inner lining.

Child Football football jersey with outer outer lining.

The outer layer is made from a durable polyurethane fabric.

(Pantone)Child Football jersey with inside layer.

Child football jersey.

Child FFC soccer jersey, outer layer, and inner lining for $50.

Child Soccer soccer jersey for $35.

Child FC soccer jersey $65.

Child soccer jersey and outer layer for $60.

ChildFC soccer shirt for $55.

Child shirt for children $40.

Child T-shirt for children (children’s) $35 (slightly larger than Child FFC)Child T shirt for kids (childrens) (somewhat larger than child shirt)Child soccer ball for children.

(Carnival Games)Child Soccer ball.

(Disney)The “child” part of the name comes from the company being a “small business.”

According to the website, Child Football is the “only child-safe and child-oriented sports apparel company in the United States.”