What you need to know about the new England football equipment

The new England Football equipment brand is expected to launch on January 31, 2019.

It will be available in several new colours and in many new designs, including the new white England kit.

This is not the first time that the brand has changed.

The kit is currently being rebranded as the ‘English Super Rugby’ kit, but that kit has also been available in the past.

The English Rugby Union (ERU) has said it will be offering an England Rugby shirt at the 2019 World Cup.

However, the new kit will not be available to buy.

English Rugby has not officially announced when the new jersey will launch, but it is expected that the kit will debut in mid-February 2019.

England have been a consistent performer at the Rugby Championship since 2006, and the jersey will be an exciting way to mark that success.

England will be hoping that the new rugby jersey can take them to the top of the table.

The new jerseys will be manufactured by Prologis, a company with a strong history of producing kit for the sport.

It has previously produced a number of kits for the Rugby World Cup, including for the 2010 World Cup in New Zealand.

It also produced the kit for Rugby World Cups 2012, 2014 and 2019.

Prolog is currently in the process of designing a new England jersey, and has already confirmed that it will use the brand’s new brand name.

However it is unclear if the new jerseys for the 2018 and 2019 Rugby World Championships will use Prolog’s brand name or the brand name of the current English rugby shirt.

England has been trying to develop a new jersey for the 2019 Rugby Championship for some time.

The company had been working on the design for at least a year, but only began production in April.

The jersey was announced by the England Rugby Union in October, and was unveiled in a pre-season training session in London.

It features a new logo, a new crest and a new design that is based on the shape of the new helmet worn by England’s captain, Stuart Lancaster.

The jerseys will also include a new “c” logo on the collar.

The England Rugby jersey is expected with a range of new colours, including white and gold.

The shirts will be sold in multiple colours, with the white and black being the most common.

The first two jerseys will retail for £120 and the third one will retail at £180.

The range will also come with the new “England” tag on the back.

England Rugby’s new jersey is the first to include the “England,” crest and logo.

The logo is based off the logo of the English rugby union, which will be the first official logo used by the sport for many years.

The “England”, crest and new logo are expected to be made from recycled materials, which is in line with the Rugby Union’s own guidelines on recycled material.

England’s new Rugby Championship jersey has a new look and a more “modern” design than previous jerseys, with a more modern logo and crest, and a red and white colour scheme.

England was one of the first teams to wear the new logo in the Rugby Champions Cup in 2019.

The team also wore the new crest during their World Cup win in 2018.

England is expected use the new design for its 2019 World Rugby Championship jerseys.

The brand will be selling the new kits online and through the Rugby Rugby Store in England, and at other rugby shops and sporting goods stores around the country.

Rugby England has said that the jerseys will have a variety of designs and colours.

There will be white, blue, gold, red and navy, as well as black, grey and teal.

The shirt is expected be available for sale from January 31.

The Rugby Championship will be played from January 29 to February 1 in the United Kingdom.

The 2019 World Championship will take place from February 7 to 28 in Ireland.