When you go to the NFL, it’s a game, not a job

The NFL’s most lucrative television deal is up for renewal.

The league announced Thursday that it has signed a new contract with Comcast SportsNet-Ch.5 that pays the company $1.5 billion per year for its TV rights for the next five years.

That is about the same amount Comcast currently pays for its cable-TV rights.

The deal will include the league’s TV rights on the air in New England, Chicago, New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. Comcast has been trying to secure rights to televise the Super Bowl, which has a prime-time Sunday time slot in the fall and a late-season game in late January.

It has also been looking to extend the league, with the hope that its network could be the go-to place for fans watching the big games.

“We are very pleased to have secured this new multi-year deal with Comcast, which gives us greater flexibility in scheduling and distribution, and provides a compelling television package for our fans, advertisers and partners,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

The league has not announced a renewal date, but the renewal could be finalized as soon as next month.

Comcast said the deal includes about 100 million television hours per year, making it the most lucrative broadcast rights deal in the league.

In the short term, the deal with ESPN is expected to make it easier for the league to move forward with its plans to make its network the network of choice for viewers watching the SuperBowl.

Comcast’s deal with CBS, which includes the SuperDucks and NFL Network, is also expected to continue.