Fusion Football Equipment Company, Inc. opens up shop in Louisville, Kentucky

Fusion Football equipment company, Inc., has been established in Louisville as of August 31, 2017.

The new business has been formed by three founders, including former NFL running back, Jason Faulders, former NFL tight end, Chris Baker and former NFL wide receiver, Adam Dukes.

Fusion Football is a new business that will serve as a platform for Faulds and Baker to bring their unique brand of football equipment to the marketplace.

“We have been in business for over a decade, and we have worked hard to build a loyal and passionate customer base,” said Jason Falders, founder of Fusion Football.

“We believe in the business and our product.

We want to create a brand that everyone can relate to and get a better feel for our product.”

Faulders said that the company is in the process of finding its location and will be operating from the new space that will be built on the former site of the Kentucky Athletic Center.

Fault Lines will provide the equipment and services that will make it possible for Fulfurings customers to experience football.

Fulfurbings will also provide additional equipment for its customers.

Falfurings will be working with a number of other companies in Louisville to find a site.

The company’s goal is to create an environment that will allow customers to see what they are paying for and why they are getting that price.

Falds said that it will allow people to “buy from a brand they know and trust, and then buy a piece of equipment that they actually want, not just because it is cheap but because it fits the player’s body.”

Fault lines will provide equipment and support for Falfurbings customers in Louisville and will also offer services for its other products.

Falders said it is a great opportunity to give back to the community and he has seen a lot of interest from fans and former players.

“I’ve been in this industry for over two decades and I can tell you this is one of the best investments I’ve made in my career,” he said.

“The community is a part of the fabric of Louisville and I want to help that be a part, as well.

We have been blessed to be a successful company and we are very proud of the community we serve and the opportunity to build something that will benefit both Louisville and the surrounding area.”

Follow Faldrs progress and the Fusion Football store and website at www.faultlinesfault.com