How much does an NFL game cost in 2018?

A new article from The Verge takes a look at the cost of buying a football game, with an eye toward the average American.

It’s a fair question, as the average NFL fan spends around $5,000 annually to buy a game, and the average price of a home football game is $6,000.

But the article takes a closer look at how the NFL’s cost structure might affect the average person.

Here are the numbers, along with a few assumptions.1.

NFL games will sell out every yearThe average NFL game will sell 1,000 tickets in the United States, but each game will only sell 1-2,000 seats each year.

This means that the average home NFL game sold out in 2016, but sold out every game since 2011.

The average average game sold for $1,300 in 2015, but it sold out for $2,300 the year before that.

This is likely because most people buy tickets at their local team’s website, which means they get the game for free and do not have to pay for tickets.

It makes sense that a ticket for a typical NFL game would sell out after a few weeks.

However, it’s not clear how many tickets people would buy if they were able to buy tickets from online resellers.2.

The league has a very large revenue streamThe NFL’s revenue is heavily dependent on TV rights, which makes up about 20% of the league’s total revenue.

This includes the NFL Network, which is owned by Fox, which has the rights to televise NFL games.

The NFL also pays licensing fees to the NFL Players Association for a portion of its revenue.

While the NFL has been profitable for years, it has seen its revenue drop in recent years, and this is likely why it has so many teams.3.

The typical home NFL stadium is the size of a football fieldWhile football stadiums are usually large, they aren’t all that big.

Most NFL stadiums are less than two football fields wide, with the average stadium measuring approximately 13,000 square feet.

This makes the average football stadium a little smaller than a baseball stadium.4.

The home NFL venue usually has a higher attendance rateThe average home football venue has a attendance rate of 8.5%, according to a study published by the Associated Press in 2015.

This figure does not include fans attending the game at home, and fans who are allowed to attend the game from the comfort of their own homes.5.

NFL stadiums usually have a higher cost per ticketThe average ticket price for a football stadium in 2017 was $11.49, and it is currently about $10.

The median ticket price in 2018 is $17.99.6.

A home NFL ticket costs less than $1 per gameThe average game ticket costs $5.20, and tickets typically cost around $20.

There are two ways to buy the cheapest home football tickets.

The first is to buy at a local store, which typically sells tickets for about $1.50 each.

The second is to find a local game on

The cheapest NFL tickets are sold on Amazon and Amazon Prime.

This allows people to pay $9.99 for a full-season game ticket, and $13.99 a season ticket.

The most popular way to buy an NFL ticket on Amazon is to use a referral code, which allows people who have already purchased a ticket to get a discount.7.

Most people buy their home football ticket on the day of the gameThe majority of home NFL tickets sold last year were on the following dates: September 15, 2018, Sunday, October 7, 2018 and October 14, 2018.

This year, this date is October 8, 2018; however, some games will still be sold on September 15.8.

Ticket prices are going upThe average price for an NFL home game ticket in 2017 ranged from $5 to $13 per game.

This could be due to increased ticket prices as fans seek to spend money on the game.

There is no way to know how many games will be sold this year because there is no real market for football tickets, and there is not enough information on the market to predict how much people will spend.

The average cost of a game ticket for 2018 could be between $12 and $15, depending on how many home games are sold.

This might be the case if the league is able to attract fans who will spend money at a bar, or if the number of NFL games increases by a few games, and fewer people will be able to afford tickets.9.

Fans are more likely to buy seats on game daysWhen the NFL played the Chicago Bears on Thanksgiving Day in 2018, fans spent an average of $17 per person at their seats, according to The Associated Press.

This would be more than double the average for other sporting events.10.

Ticket buyers are buying tickets for longer than they used toWhen people bought their tickets for the first time