Nike unveils football equipment online

Nike has launched a dedicated football equipment website and app, which is intended to help fans and brands quickly find the best football gear online.

The online store will allow brands to buy football equipment from a range of retailers including Nike, Amazon, and

It also will help brands identify their best football equipment.

A spokesperson for Nike confirmed the new online store, which was launched on Tuesday.

“We’re thrilled to be able to bring our fans more of the best soccer equipment available,” the spokesperson said.

“The new Nike Football App will allow you to search and find what you’re looking for right on your smartphone.”

The new app will also allow you see and compare the latest football gear from the likes of Adidas, Nike, and Nike+ and offer a range on which to buy.

“There are so many great brands out there and so many players and teams in the sport, we wanted to be sure to provide a way to find the right kit for the right fans, the right players, and the right stadiums,” said Kevin Schulze, VP of soccer for Nike+, in a statement.

“For years, we’ve seen the need to build an online shop that’s focused on the fans and players who are the best at what they do.”

The online shop will include a collection of players’ jerseys, gear, shoes, and other apparel from top European clubs, and will offer a curated range of football equipment to players, coaches, and media members, the spokesperson added.

In addition to the football equipment, Nike+ will offer football jerseys, socks, shirts, boots, hats, jackets, and hats for sale.

The site will also feature player videos, photos, and bios.