What’s next for NFL equipment, including jerseys and jerseys accessories?

The NFL announced Tuesday that it has purchased a number of products, including shirts and jackets.

The items are intended for use on the field, the league said in a release.

The jerseys are made in Japan, the helmets are made by Adidas and the gloves are made out of a synthetic material.

The NFL will also offer a collection of hats that can be used by the fans as part of the “Hands On” program.

The league has been working with Nike, Under Armour, Reebok, and Under Armour’s partnership with NFL Network on the collection.

The league is also partnering with Under Armour to bring jerseys to NFL stadiums across the country.

The NFL said the collection includes “a number of players who will wear apparel during the game and will also wear apparel after the game.”

“The collection will include the official NFL jersey, which will be made from the official jersey that will be worn during the match,” the release stated.

“The jersey will also include a number different types of apparel to be worn after the match.”

The jersey has been designed to be light weight, which means it won’t be as bulky as traditional jerseys, but still will have the support of the jersey, the release said.

The collection comes after Nike and Under Armor agreed last month to a multiyear partnership to bring products to the NFL stadiums.

The partnership will cover both apparel and uniforms.

The agreement was also announced in November.

The jerseys are expected to be available in stores and online soon.