When football equipment is better, it’s not a bad thing

Oklahomans get their football equipment from a variety of sources.

They buy from retailers, from big box stores, and even from the NFL itself.

And while most of the gear that they buy is quality, it isn’t the only thing that’s in play.

The Oklahoma football team has made some impressive improvements to its football equipment over the years.

Here’s what you need to know about football equipment in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma’s biggest changes in football equipment have been in the form of upgrades and enhancements, said Mike Smith, senior director of football equipment and equipment systems at the Oklahoma State University.

The university recently made an $8.5 million investment to add a new, state-of-the-art weight and power band.

The new band is larger and heavier than before, and it uses a new technology to calculate the correct weight to help the football team better balance its players.

It’s also significantly lighter than before.

In the past, the university has been working on a weight-loss program, which would have been a huge step forward in the program.

But that was before a major injury happened to quarterback Sam Ehlinger in the 2014 season.

Smith said the new weight-gain system will improve the performance of the football players by giving them more support and assistance.

The new system will give the team more assistance with its weightlifting program, and better balance to help them stay on the field.

It will also help the team gain more balance on the football field, Smith said.

Oklahoma coach Mike Gundy said that the new technology that the team is using to calculate how much weight it needs to use is a big step forward.

He said that in the past the team was using a system that just measured the weight that the football player was carrying.

The band also weighs more than it did before, which helps the players on the team maintain a level of balance.

Oklahomas players are also getting bigger.

Since the start of the 2014 campaign, the Oklahoma men’s basketball team has increased its average height by 5 inches.

Smith said that this year the team has added a 6-foot-9 guard who can play in the 4-point line.

The team has also added a 7-footer to its roster who can also play in front of a crowd.

The increased size has made the team stronger, and the team will continue to improve its performance this year.

Smith says the team can compete with the best teams in the nation.

He also said that he is excited to see the new system that the Oklahoma football players will be using to keep them on the floor this year, which is the weight band.

The Oklahoma football program is looking forward to seeing how this new weight band will help the program win more games this season.

Okahomans coach Mike Golic, left, and his son, Sam Ehlers, right, talk about the changes to the football equipment.

Okamaers football team players, right and center, talk during an NCAA college basketball game at the Thomas & Mack Center.

The university plans to continue investing in its football facilities this season, but it will also focus on bringing the game back to Oklahoma.

Golic said that if the football program can get its players in the best position to play football again, he hopes the game will return to Oklahoma, which the university called home for 70 years.