Why does Gilman Football equipment keep being sold to the highest bidder?

In 2017, a New Jersey man paid $20,000 for a Gilman football jersey and another $15,000 to have the New York Jets re-brand the team.

A New Jersey judge ordered the Jets to pay $3.5 million in compensatory damages to the man, who sued after he said he was defrauded by the team for years.

On Friday, a judge in New York granted a request by the man to dismiss the lawsuit, ruling that he had no legal standing to sue.

Judge Stephen S. O’Neill dismissed the case on the grounds that the lawsuit was filed without merit, saying the New Jersey suit was not brought to redress any injury suffered by the Jets, and that the plaintiff had not proven he had been defraied.

“The New Jersey plaintiff was entitled to recover damages on the basis of his knowledge of the Jets’ fraudulent conduct, the plaintiffs’ alleged negligence, the nature of the harm caused to him and the Jets and that it did not occur during the time period when the plaintiff was injured,” O’Neil wrote.

The ruling does not address any possible future lawsuits, nor does it address whether the Jets are liable for the damages the man received.