Why NFL players should wear helmet cameras as helmets go on sale

NFL players have long been used as guinea pigs in research into the impact of helmet wearing on concussions, but now that research is officially in motion, NFL owners are making helmets available to all of their players.

NFL players have been wearing helmets for years, but they have traditionally been worn with a head covering, and helmets have a low head-to-body ratio.

That has led to a very small head-on-head collision rate, which has been linked to brain damage.

But now, with the NFL season starting on Sunday, NFL players will be able to get helmet-equipped, which is the next step in that research. 

The NFL is currently taking helmets from manufacturers to install in NFL stadiums.

The league’s helmets are already being distributed, but only to those players who want them, and that will change on Monday.

Heads up, NFL fans: The NFL has already announced that helmets will be distributed to NFL players in order to study head-impact injury rates, and the league is also making the helmets available for pre-game research.

The NFL will release helmet data from the 2016 season, and will use it to inform player-safety policies, such as how helmets fit, how much padding is needed, and how to wear them properly. 

With the release of the data, the league hopes to start a new era in player safety, with helmets that meet the current NFL guidelines.

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