Why can’t the boys be more like their dads?

In March 2017, the parents of a five-year-old boy in Dublin decided to buy him a football kit. 

The kit included a large white football, a yellow, white and black helmet, a black and red jersey and white socks.

The boy, named Michael, was so impressed with the kit that he asked his mother, Marcella, if he could play with it. 

“I said yes and he loved it so much,” Marcellas told The Irish Sun. 

In January 2018, after months of testing, a Dublin court ruled that the suitcases were too big for Michael to play with.

“The judge was a bit harsh on Michael, but he was also supportive of him,” Marcells father, David, said.

The case, which involved a breach of the Child and Family Court Act, was heard at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court and the judge said that the parents had a case to answer.

The judge said the suitcase was a “large white football” that was too large for Michael’s age and weight.

“The child did not play with the football as a child and his weight and height was at the same level as that of his parents,” the judge, Michael Byrne, said in his ruling.

“In the opinion of the judge it is reasonable to assume that the football was too heavy for him to play against, as well as for his own health.”

The judge also ruled that Michael’s mother had breached the child and family law by failing to provide a suitable accommodation for her son, which was a breach.

“This would be a breach if the child were not in a reasonably suitable place to be with his mother,” the court heard.

The suitcases’ size and shape was considered “inappropriate” to Michael, the judge found, and there was no reason for him not to play the football with the suit and the helmet.

The court heard that Michael would have been happy to use the helmet, which is made of a special plastic material and is made from recycled plastic and plastic-coated polyethylene.

“I have had many conversations with my son in the last three months about his future and what he wants,” MarCellas said.

“He wants to play football, but that is the first time I have ever seen him do that with a helmet on.”

There are a lot of other things that could be done with a football helmet, but I have been so supportive of Michael, I am really proud of him.