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  • When the NFL won’t let you wear football gear

    The NFL announced this week that they will not allow the use of NFL uniforms in the stadiums for any sporting event other than the Super Bowl.The league has a history of not allowing uniforms that don’t fit their logo, and it seems that the players don’t want to be forced to wear the same […]

  • Which football equipment is the best?

    Footballers from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and elsewhere are embracing the new technology and the game is getting better all the time.The Australian Football League (AFL) is also in the process of adding more teams to its membership, with the clubs set to increase their numbers by two over the next three years.This […]

  • When football equipment is worth the investment

    A year ago, when we last reported on the state of the state’s college football equipment market, the NFL had its worst season in nearly 30 years.The league had been struggling to make significant inroads with fans, advertisers, and the mainstream media in a market that had never before been flooded with the NFL.Now, however, […]

  • Which football gear is best for your game?

    I have been playing football for almost 25 years and my personal favourite football equipment is the Pinnacle X-15 helmet, but there are plenty of good choices as well.This article will tell you which football equipment you need to consider if you’re looking for a new helmet. Read more

  • Blind football equipment wiki: Football gear

    A football-related wiki has been launched by the Blind Football Equipment Association (BBEA) in a bid to tackle blind football equipment in the UK.The site, which is still under development, aims to provide a space for users to discuss the equipment they own, as well as how to safely and effectively use it.It aims to […]

  • Why the NFL’s old football gear is still going strong

    In the 1950s, football was all about speed and agility.Players needed to move quickly and make tackles, which was good for team morale.But nowadays, football is about speed, agility and tackling, and that’s not so good for players, according to new research.The research found that the game is still playing out the same way.“A lot […]

  • Nike football equipment donation fund to support local schools

    An Oregon football equipment company has donated $1 million to support the local schools, the Portland State University announced Wednesday.In addition, the company will donate $250,000 of the total $1.5 million it pledged to the school.The Oregon Football Equipment and Sports Foundation will receive $250 million in public funding from the state to support school […]

  • When does football equipment become a war mater?

    The War Games, which were to start in 2021, have been plagued by controversy in recent years.The Indian government, which has a history of misusing and manipulating the sport, was forced to suspend the Games in 2012 after it was revealed that the Indian players were using banned substance banned for use in sport in […]

  • How to shop for football field gear

    Footballs are one of the best-loved sporting objects and football players have been among the most successful players in sport’s history.But how do you find the best football field-gear for your game?Here are our top picks for football fans, sorted by their value and which type you should consider buying.Forget about the football pitch. If you’re […]

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